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Pool Heating Perth

Pool Heating

Repairs, Servicing & Installation of Pool & Spa Heaters

When it comes to pool heating, there is so much you need to know and so many options. If you are considering heating your pool, the best thing to do is give us a call and we can come out, spend some time with you to find out what it is you expect from your heating and what your pool may be best suited for.

However if you want a quick summary on the different types of heating, please read below.

Spa Heaters Perth

Gas Pool Heating

Gas is ideal for spas or smaller pools. It is capable of heating a body of water quickly regardless of the current weather condition. It can also be used to supplement other forms of heating, like solar, to maintain the heat in a pools when the weather may not be the best. Most heaters are available in Natural or LPG gas but depending on the circumstances the running costs can add up.

Here is a selection of the pool and spa gas heaters that we can supply and service

  • Viron eVo Gas Heaters 250, 350, 450
  • Astral HX Gas Heaters 70, 120
  • Astral HiNRG 175, 250, 400
  • Astral JX Gas Heaters 130, 160

Electric Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are mainly used on swimming pools however can be used on spas in some cases. These use a heat exchange to transfer heat from the air outside into your pool water. This can be a very cost effective way of heating a pool and in some cases can be used to heat a pool all year round. They are relatively cheap to run however cannot be used to heat on demand. Depending on the time of the year, it can take a few hours to a few days to heat.

Here are a selection of the pool electric heat pumps we can supply and service:

Domestic heat pumps

  • BPA400 8.5Kw Astral Heat Pump
  • BPA600 13.5Kw Astral Heat Pump
  • BPA700 17Kw Astral Heat Pump
  • BPA800 21Kw Astral Heat Pump
  • BPA900 25Kw Astral Heat Pump


Solar is the most cost effective way of heating your pool however it does have its limitations. It can be used in Perth for extending your swimming season from 4-8 weeks either side of summer depending on your location and your desired temperature. You also need the equivalent of your pool surface area on your roof free for matting preferably on the north or east side for best results.

Electric Element

This is by far the most expensive form of pool heating however sometimes it may be the best option. This uses an element like a kettle to heat the water as it passes through. Like a gas heater they can heat a pool/spa quite quickly depending on size so can be often used where gas may be preferred but not available.

Solar Blankets

These should be a must on any pool with heating as they will make any heater more efficient by up to 50%. During the warmer months they can add substantial heat on their own and also will cut evaporation by as much as 90% and reduce chemical use considerably.

The equipment can include a selection of the following benefits: 

  • Energy Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Smartphone and Internet Connectivity
  • Australian Made and Designed

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