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Pool Filters Perth

Pool Filters

Pool & Spa Filters

Filtration is the most important part of the pool system without good filtration nothing else will operate properly.

We can repair all types of filters, conduct sand changes and supply all types of cartridge replacements.

We also sell a selection of high quality filters with long warranties.

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Viron QL Cartridge Filter

Australian made with high precision injection moulding process. High Strength Tank suitable for high pressure applications. Light weight high strength clamp band, Drain Port for fast drainage, two alternative outlets to match Viron or HiNRG heater inlet ports. Oil filled pressure gauge and all unions, gasket and blanking caps supplied.

Viron ECA Media Filter

Australian made with high precision injection moulding process. Easy installation and high quality components such as oil filled pressure gauge, unique hub and lateral system with 10 large 25mm diameter laterals, quick connect barrel unions, and large drain port for fast sand changes.

Viron CA Premium Media Filter

Australian made with high precision injection moulding process. Fast MPV installation and removal with unique lock ring, large drain port, unique hub and lateral system for low pressure drop with 10 x 25mm laterals, barrel unions for fast installation, high quality oil filled pressure gauge.

Spa Filters Perth

ZX Series Pool Cartridge Filters

High quality cartridge filter element for long life filtration, suitable for spa temperatures. 

  • Limited 5 year warranty on the tank
  • Complete with quality pressure gauge
  • Ideal for areas with water restrictions

Other Pool & Spa Filters

Here is a selection of the other pool filters we can supply and service:

  • Astral CA Premium Media Filters 280, 340, 400
  • Astral ECA Media Filters 550, 650
  • Astral ZX Cartridge Filters 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250
  • Asral IX inline leaf canister
  • Viron QL Cartridge filter 420, 540
  • Hydro Spin
  • Sand and Glass Filter Media

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