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Pool Maintenance Perth

Pool Maintenance Perth

Regular Servicing & Maintenance

Poolforce WA provide a variety of services related to spa and pool maintenance Perth pool owners trust. 

Why not come and join our long and growing list of regular spa and pool maintenance clients?

We offer a comprehensive regular monthly pool maintenance service which takes away the uncertainty and common issues with your pool. Furthermore, we can clean your pool and ensure all chemicals are balanced and within range. As a result, you will protect the swimmers and increase the life of your pool. 

We provide regular pool maintenance on all equipment including servicing chlorinators and salt cells. Additionally, we can calibrate and service Chemigems, replace and lubricate the o’rings, replacing chemical tubing before it deteriorates, replacing pool light globes and much much more.

Other Pool Maintenance Services

Green Pool Treatments

Green pools are a big issue especially coming into summer. Unless a pool is treated properly it can lead to permanent staining or damage to pool surface. Furthermore, this can also be harmful to bathers. 

Often pools go green due to equipment failure.  It's important to realise that this does not always mean the equipment needs replacing. It can be as simple as re calibrating the Chemigem or cleaning salt cell. Furthermore, it is also a good idea at this stage to replace the sand in your sand filter or cartridge filter as these can trap unwanted bacteria posing risk to swimmers.

Equipment Repairs

Just because something isn’t working doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired. It is true we do now live in a throwaway society. However, a lot of the leading brands in the pool industry can be repaired. If you have a break down don’t just start looking for a new one give us a call first and see if we can fix it. In most cases there is no charge for us to pop in and have a look and if it can’t be fixed. We can give you a no obligation quote for a replacement.

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