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Controlling your pool has never been easier or more fun. There are now several pool controls on the market however some of the brands are not user friendly. I recently spoke with another Pool Technician who uses another brand, he said he does not allow his customers to touch their device as it is too easy to get things wrong. At Poolforce WA we believe it is your pool you should have full control, we specialise in the Astral Connect 10 and their smaller basic units. With these you are able to control the following features with a simple common sense touchpad:

  • Change timers and customise days of the week
  • Set favourite applications for one touch operation
  • Set separate pool and spa temps
  • Reset multi colour lights
  • Adjust chemistry set levels
  • Easily connect to home Wifi

If you then want to go beyond just using the touchpad we can then link it to your smart devices and home pc, this allows you to have control of turning appliances on and off as well as adjusting temperatures, valves and chemistry from anywhere in the world. Imagine turning your heater on at 3.00pm on a Friday afternoon from work and coming home to your spa at 37 degrees to wind down from the week.

In addition to this we have been included in a great new program offered free to all Astral Connect 10 customers with the wifi feature called Virtual Pool. This connects your pool to our online "Pool Shop" which allows us to access your pool data for either the last 24hrs or 7 days and sends us via email any faults that may occur. This means if for instance you were on holidays and your chlorine levels dropped it would notify us if it didn't correct itself after 48hrs, we can then check to see if there may be a pattern over the past seven days and can then contact you with a solution without ever having left our office and in some case may even be able to rectify the problem remotely.

A Pool Control System is like having a monitored alarm system in your house without paying the monthly fees.

Here is a selection of the pool control / controller systems we can supply and service:

Connect Lite

Viron Connect LITE is an affordable integrated Pool Automation System. The cost is low as a result of it reducing the quantity of weatherproof power outlets required at the filter system.

Connect Lite +

This unit consists of an LCD screen for easier control, two outlets and built in programmable timers. In addition, it is able to be upgraded with the optional connection modules, allowing you access to the Internet Gateway and Connect My Pool apps.


Chemigem D10 & D10P

Faster, better and smarter technology from Chemigem - The award winning equipment is the fastest and most effective way to sanitise your swimming pool. 

The unit measures the quality of your water and add chemicals depending on the readings. It take's all the hard work out of pool maintenance. 

It also offers - 

  • High value for money
  • A flexible range of models to ensure you have a personalised solution
  • Additional timer functionality

Astral SX 1200 Blower

  • With and without Air Switch
  • Powerful two stage motor for high head performance
  • Sound insulated
  • Limited 12 Month warranty

We also offer the following Spa & Pool Controls:

  • Viron Connect 10 with the following accessories:Internet Gateway
    • Permaseal 3 port valve
    • Valve actuator
    • Touch screen transceiver
    • Equipment side transceiver
    • RF Remote transceiver
    • RF 8 Channel waterproof remote
    • Temp and solar kit
  • Astral Genus II FM Remote 10 & 40 amp with or without time clock
  • Air Switch Controllers
  • Watersavr Controllers
  • Astral RC9 5/1 ORP & Ph Controller
  • Astral RC9 5/5 ORP & Ph Controller
  • Astral RO9 5/0 ORP Controller
  • Astral RP9 5/0 Ph Controller

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