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Rodas Filters 1050mm - 2500mm

Rodas 2500mm Filter: Fibreglass horizontal commercial sand filters 2500 mm diameter. Maximum operating temperature 50ºC. Tested at 1.5 times maximum operating pressure. Equipped with pressure gauge panel, manual air, water purge and 400mm loading access. Internal components and pipe in PVC. Laterals 0.3 mm slots in PP. Bolts, nuts and washers in AISI-316. EPDM seals and gaskets.

  • Available at 1050mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2350mm and 250mm
  • 2 year full plus 8 year pro rate warranty on filter tank
  • 1 year full warranty on internal components, gauges, valve

Kivue ® Commercial Heat Pump

Kivu Heat PumpKIVU pumps of 7.5 HP, 10 HP and 15 HP. Ideal for public pools, Olympic pools, water parks, aquariums, fish farms and seawater facilities. *Comparative study conducted using a self-priming 1,500 rpm/10 HP KIVU® pump and a 3,000 rpm/15 HP centrifuge pump. Average running time: 15 hours/day. Running costs: €0.14 kW/h.

  • Plastic 1.500 rpm self-priming pump.
  • Low noise level: up to 66 dBA.
  • Hydraulic efficiency of 85% (compliant with standard ISO 9906).
  • Separate 25 litre prefilter. The pump can be sold without a prefilter.

Astral OC-1 Filtration MediaAstral OC-1 Filtration Media

OC-1 is an open cell media that has very low resistance to allow more water to be turned over in a pool. It has a huge capacity to store debris and matches the filtration quality of sand and glass filter media. However unlike all other media, the flow rate will not slow down once a small amount of dirt is caught, therefore optimising your filtration system and resulting in healthier water for you and your family.

The OC-1 filtration media is only compatible with AstralPool's OC-1 compatible CA filters. If you would like to use OC-1 in other filters for retrofit, please discuss with your local AstralPool dealer for options.

Chemigem Commercial Pool Controllers

The Australian-made Chemigem CM55 is a tried-and-tested water management system for commercial and semi-commercial applications. It represents real value for money and is backed up by a team of locally based Service Technicians, who are happy to assist with installation, technical issues and ongoing maintenance.

The Chemigem CM55 can be teamed with a variety of dosing methods to ensure your aquatic facility meets all applicable health regulations. Pool Controls has recently introduced new pulse pumps that deliver fast, accurate doses of required chemicals into up to 3 bar of pressure.

Commercial Pool Equipment

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