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Chemigem Pool Equipment

Pool Spa Heaters Perth - Friday, September 01, 2017

Chemigem Pool Equipment

What is a Chemigem?

The award winning Chemigem pool unit includes technology that measures the levels of pH and ORP within your pool water. The unit then automatically tops up each chemical (if required) to ensure that they are within safe ranges. It makes your pool maintenance process so easy!

An additional timer function is also included with this unit which is the latest technology in pool sanitisation. The timer allows users to operate other pool equipment such as lighting or cleaning. The Chemigem also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years.

Surprisingly, the unit is great value for money when compared to similar units on the market. Furthermore, it is available is a wide range of models so there should be a model ideal for your swimming pool. 

Chemigem Pool Equipment

Repairs, Servicing & Installation of Chemigems

Like all pool equipment, your Chemigem should be regularly maintained to ensure that it is working efficiently. 

Poolforce WA specialise in the installation of new Chemigem equipment for Perth homes and businesses. Furthermore, we can also repair and service your Chemigem units at affordable rates.

Steve has been working in the pool and spa industry within Perth for 10+ years and has a passion for providing a highly ethical and professional service.

Before you make a decision on pool repairs or maintenance in Perth, why not speak with Steve for free expert advice?

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