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Spa Repairs Perth

About Poolforce WA

Poolforce WA is a family owned and operated business that provides pool and spa repairs Perth home owners trust. 

Steve has been in the industry for 10 years. Furthermore, he has an extensive knowledge and is associated with most of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and specialists in the industry. 

Pool Repairs Perth

The swimming pool market has changed extensively over the past decade and has become almost a specialist trade. When Steve first started, anyone could pick up a vacuum and become a Pool Man. Although these days pools are becoming very advanced with the latest technology. Consequently, you now need someone who has more experience and expertise in pool and spa repairs. 

The swimming pool has become a part of the home now more than ever. It is no longer as easy as a quick pH and chlorine test or a monthly trip to the pool shop. Plaster and concrete tiled pools need extra special attention. These pools are built to last a lifetime but without the proper maintenance and care they can be ruined in a very short time. Furthermore, Calcium, Iron, Copper and phosphates are very common elements that are overlooked in these pools and can cause lasting damage. Therefore, these need to be managed by someone that understands all elements of pool chemistry.

With Poolforce WA you can always be assured of the most professional, honest and reliable pool and spa repairs. Anywhere in Perth metro or rural areas.

We offer the following services: 

We can even take on entire projects including landscaping, paving, fencing (including glass) and much more using our vast and reliable trade partners to create a hassle free and professional project.

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